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Sponsor Overview

The Tempe Festivals of the Arts’ twice annual events are a part of the community like nothing else.  The festivals have been taking place for over 50 years, they draw over 75,000 people per day, and artists from all 50 states participate.  Get the Sponsorship deck HERE and consider being a part of this tradition.



The Tempe Festivals of the Arts is named a Top 100 art festival by Sunshine Magazine.  Tempe Festival of the Arts has been awarded Best Event in Arizona by the International Festivals and Events Association (IFEA) along with many other awards.  And the event has received an Award of Merit from the International Downtown Association (IDA).   YOUR SPONSORSHIP enables this free community event to continue!


Approximately 370 artisans present their original works at each festival.  The festivals feature only original art, and every artist is present on-site to greet festival-goers.  The artists are selected by a blind jury made up of highly skilled artists and art administrators. YOUR SPONSORSHIP keeps working artists selling - and therefore making more art for us to enjoy!


The Tempe Festivals of the Arts is an urban street-festival that takes place along a 5 block stretch of Historic Mill Avenue and its cross streets.  Who doesn't love a good street party?  YOUR SPONSORSHIP supports downtown Tempe and the 75% locally owned businesses!


In addition to high-quality art, guests enjoy a full schedule of music and entertainment including two stages which feature nationally, regionally and locally prominent musical entertainment.  Pop up street performances are also part of the event.   YOUR SPONSORSHIP supports local musicians and performers with livable wages. 


Kids Block offers kids free hands-on art experiences and education where young artists make art to take home.  In addition, the Youth Art Exhibition gives young local artists K-12 the opportunity to experience the challenges and successes of the art world by selling on site.  YOUR SPONSORSHIP supports youth artists!

Chalk-A-Lot Street entertains audiences with professional chalk art murals on the street, a cash prize contest, and public participation opportunities.   YOUR SPONSORSHIP supports chalk artists!


The festival offers multiple locations to sit back and enjoy a local beverage or bite to eat.  Many Arizona wineries are represented at the event as well as Tempe microbreweries.  In addition, there are dozens of local restaurants inside the event's footprint that welcome festival attendees with open arms!   YOUR SPONSORSHIP supports local entrepreneurs that have taken the leap to start their own food business and/or winery!


Each of the Festivals attracts more than 225,000 guests during its three days in downtown Tempe.  Our average attendee has a household income of over $100,000.   Our audience is 51% female.   Guests stay at the event for an average of six hours, giving you great face time!


Pur your money where your passion is and your clients will be grateful!   Sponsorships range from $1,500 - $50,000. Pricing depends on the footprint size, positioning, location of on-site space, exclusivity and other components. We customize each sponsorship to meet your marketing objectives and budget, listening carefully to find ways we can deliver the results you seek. We relish in opportunities to create something together!


We’ve got the ROI that you are looking for.   From printed materials, to Social Media call outs, stage mentions, signage inclusion, and face-to-face interactions.   

Currently we have 23,000 loyal social followers; Annual reach on Facebook of 415,000; Annual reach on Instagram 85,000; 275,000 annual web visits; 10,000 newsletter subscribers; over 2 million earned media impressions annually.


Yes, we will do everything to make certain that your sponsorship yields the results that are targeted for your company, but at the end of the event we hope you take away more than impressions and leads. 

We hope you leave feeling as if you made something possible that has benefited our community.  We hope you feel a sense of pride that this event has a 48 year history because of sponsors such as yourself.  We hope you wander through the Kids Art Festival and witness our young artists hard at work to make their masterpiece.  We hope you engage with the artists, hear their stories and know that you are supporting working artists. 

We hope you connect with the event and look forward to its return twice a year so that the community is enriched through the presence of this signature event.

Upcoming festival dates thru 2024

Sponsor Contact Information:

Tamia Scott

 Thank you to our Spring 2023 Event Sponsors