Spring 2022 Festival Entertainment

The festival presents well-known local and regional music at multiple locations throughout the event. More than two dozen street entertainers are on-site for your enjoyment. You’ll find henna artists,  musicians, magicians, caricature artists, along with other fun entertainment.

Live Music Stages

Centerpoint Stage

10:00 am Valley Orange
12:00 pm Hilary Rose and the Dreamers
2:00 pm The SunPunchers
4:00 pm Nicki Park Band
10:00 am Southwest Diamond Duo Band
12:00 pm Walt Richardson Band
2:00 pm Haley Green Band
4:00 pm Traveler
10:00 am Van Winkle
12:00 pm Outside the Line
2:00 pm Fringe Benefit
4:00 pm Wyves

*Entertainers and set times subject to change.


Hayden Vinyl Station Stage

10:00 am Hi Dreams
12:00 pm Drift Collage
2:00 pm Jules Quimby
4:00 pm Jordan Rowley
10:00 am Davina Griego
12:00 pm Schux Famicom
1:00 pm Aaron Lim
2:00 pm Drift Collage
4:00 pm Layton DJ
10:00 am Earhustlin
11:00 am Ty Hi
12:00 pm Bee Bohannon
1:00 pm Matt Saturn
2:00 pm Voiage
3:00 pm Pily
4:00 pm Richard C

*Entertainers and set times subject to change.


3rd Street Acoustic Space

12:00 pm Tori Kristine Band
2:00 pm Of The Earth
4:00 pm Riley Rainbow Family Circus
2:00 pm CodySeeHunt
4:00 pm AZ Rhythm Connection
12:00 pm Grand Canyon Woodwind Trio
2:00 pm Wild Wild Wes and The Beat Drop Kidz
4:00 pm AZ Rhythm Connection

*Entertainers and set times subject to change.


Unplugged Lounge

10:30 am Lauren Hooker
1:00 pm LuMar
3:30 pm Cori Rios
10:30 am Kassi Jayde
1:00 pm Ethan Whitney
3:30 pm Tom Kumagai
10:30 am Gal Drimmer
1:00 pm James Mills
3:30 pm AJ Odneal


Street Buskers and Entertainment

All kinds of great entertainers are scattered throughout the whole festival!

  • The Bluegrass Experience with Jam Pak - Contagiously fun pickin' and grinnin' by the award-winning children's music group and others (7th & Mill)
  • Henna Shoppe - Henna art from top local merchant. On Mill next to the Valley Art
  • FREE Photo Booth - Stop by and take some photos at our FREE photo booth hosted by FNF Events- located on the East side of Mill Avenue between 5th & 6th Street
  • James R Juggler - Head over to 6th Street Circle to catch a one-of-a-kind zany one-man show called "Dangerously Fun Juggling." Check out the online program for showtimes throughout the weekend.
  • Furious Styles Crew - Check out 7th Street West to see Furious Styles Crew music and dance performances, as well as live art sessions. Available Saturday and Sunday only- near 7th Street and Maple
  • Atomic Balloons - Available at Kids Block on Saturday and Sunday. Challenge the balloon artist to see what they can do. Free to all. 

If you are interested in performing at the festival, please contact events@downtowntempe.com.