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Art Supply Grants

The Tempe Festival of the Arts has created a grant program to provide assistance to local art teachers in hopes that we can nurture the next generation of professional artists and therefore participants in the Festival.  Grants are given to Tempe area art teachers (and teachers who manage the art classes) to purchase supplies and equipment for their classrooms in amounts up to $500.  The grant process is simple to complete and funds are awarded in a timely manner. 

Examples of uses for the grant funds could include:

  • Basic supplies such as crayons, colored pencils, papers, pens, glue, paint
  • Project based supplies for murals, mosaics, etc.
  • Supplies needed for visiting artists or residency programs
  • Equipment purchases for the art classroom

Teachers wishing to apply must adhere to the following eligibility criteria:

  • School is located within the city limits of Tempe, Arizona
  • School is public or charter, NOT privately funded
  • Funds will be used to supplement the art teachers' budget, not reduce the funding to be received by the school
  • Any teacher serving K-12 students (art teacher or any teacher that manages art classes) may apply

Grant deadlines/awards will follow this timeline:

Fall Application Deadline November 1
Grantees notified of Application Status December 1
Funds distributed December 15
Project report due to Tempe Festival of the Arts April 1
Spring Application Deadline March 1
Grantees notified of Application Status March 15
Funds distributed April 1
Project report due to Tempe Festival of the Arts July 1








How do I apply and what other steps do I need to take?

Our goal isn't to bog you down with paperwork and a lengthy application. We also aren't looking to make you jump through lots of hoops, we just want to help our art teachers succeed.  The process is simple and straight forward. 

1) Complete the online application, HERE

2) Submit a letter from your principal recognizing the grant request and honoring the usage of funds, if approved.

3) If the grant is approved, document the usage of funds and submit a short report to our offices.

How are these grants funded? 

Initially we sought grants from our local partners to kickstart the fund.  On an ongoing basis, The Young Collector's program now adds funding to the project at each festival.  Young Collector's pay $5 to have access to donated original works of art by our participating artists, and take one home!  So essentially, the current artists and our festival families are creating a fund to assist art instruction today, instilling a love of culture for generations.   Interested in donating to the program - click donate button below or email - we will certainly be honored to receive the donation ~ email us today!