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Spring 2024

Featured Artist
Mel Mendez

Prescott, AZ based Zapotec rug weaver, Mel Mendez, has been weaving rugs since 1985. He is a 5th generation weaver and was taught and trained by his grandfather and father in Teotiltlan del Valle, Oaxaca. Mel’s idea of weaving traditional and contemporary designs and colors is so that his pieces will fit in any home on walls and/or floors. He takes great pride in the quality of his weavings. Every year he likes to add new designs, challenging his skills in weaving.

"I weave wool rugs on a two-harness pedal table loom, and I dyed my own wool to create my designs on my rugs. Each row of wool is placed by hand onto the loom using different colors of wool to create the design."

Booth: 1140 at 5th & Mill